Beachwood 100 Offers Safety Net toPublic Safety Team Members

Beachwood’s police and fire department members have a unique, 45-year-old resource not offered in many other cities. Through the Beachwood 100, composed of committed community volunteers, the city’s emergency personnel can tap financial assistance, skilled professional advice, donations of material goods and college scholarships for children during times of critical need.

The Beachwood 100 is driven by a convivial, dedicated group that genuinely seeks to support those who take risks and offer protection to all residents 24 hours a day.
“We want to make sure that those in our public safety departments are taken care of,” says Marc Soroka, Beachwood 100’s vice president. He notes that the not-for-profit organization would like to grow its membership and see greater energy and involvement from additional community members.

The Beachwood 100 has a long history of reaching out and providing valuable resources to squad members. Currently, the organization is donating fitness equipment for use in the new fire station, in memory of Fire Captain Michael Palumbo, a fitness enthusiast who died of brain cancer last year. Also, several years ago, when a policewoman succumbed to cancer, the Beachwood 100 reached out and delivered Christmas gifts to her family after her passing.

About 30 years ago, when the city’s budget was tight, the organization bought bulletproof vests for police officers. In another example of their charitable work, its members chose to offer funds for an emergency team member’s in vitro fertilization procedure, resulting in the birth of healthy twins. In another situation relating to medical need, an officer who was hurt in the line of duty received financial assistance to bridge a gap in health insurance plans.

Continuing this longstanding tradition of support is very important to Beachwood 100 members, which is why they seek to expand its membership. Most recently, community member Tony Alexander joined to support first responders who he says often can go unappreciated. As the owner of the Chick-Fil-A in Beachwood Place, he says he intends to deliver trays to squad member at Christmastime this year.

“Our members like to get involved,” says treasurer Alan Berger. As an organization, they also make appearances at community events and will be present at the upcoming district-wide “BISON feast + fest” event for students, school staff, teachers and families on Sunday, March 18, 2-5 p.m.

Dr. Michael Rollins, a longtime participant, mentions that by having more Beachwood 100 members, “we can get more done.” The city departments are well aware of the Beachwood 100, and when they identify a need among their ranks, “we have a dialogue to determine how we can help,” explains Soroka.

To date, 160 members have paid the tax-deductible $40 annual fee. The organization also receives support from Beachwood-based Capital Planners.

Early evening meetings are held every other month. The atmosphere among members is friendly and free-wheeling. The gatherings also offer good networking opportunities and occasions for the exchange of some solid, professional advice.

To become involved, call 216.373.0844 or visit

“We want to make sure
that those in our public
safety departments are
taken care of.“
~ Marc Soroka,
Vice President, Beachwood 100
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Beachwood 100 members exhibit a plaque that hangs on the wall in the Police Department’s gym. The plaque commemorates gifted gym equipment donated in 1993.Beachwood 100 is now donating additional equipment for the new Fire Department. Pictured from left: City Councilperson Eric Synenberg (president), Marc Soroka (vice president), Beachwood Police Chief Gary Haba, Ivor Kiwi (board member), and Todd Felder (board member). Photo by Scott Morrison, Discovery Photo.