Beachwood 100 Scholarship Program

Beachwood 100 board members Ivor Kiwi, Ali Amini, Drew Barnholtz, Michelle Ryb, Raja Kumar, Susie Loparo, and Alan Berger with scholarship recipients Tommy Krakora, Amanda Combs, Bowen Dansizen, and Ricky Lessick.

On April 27, Beachwood 100 held its annual awards’ reception at which four high school seniors whose parents serve on Beachwood safety forces were awarded scholarships.

This year’s event took place at the Beachwood Community Center, with master of ceremonies Andy Baskin, who welcomed guests. Ivor Kiwi, board president, then provided background information about the organization and shared recent accomplishments.

“Beachwood 100 is grateful for the opportunity to support the city’s first responders in multiple ways, and this scholarship program is our most meaningful and rewarding annual activity,” said Ivor. “We’re thankful to all of our sponsors, members, and city officials who support our mission.”

Deputy Chief John Resek then shared information about the partnership between the Police Department and Beachwood 100, followed by a video message from police Chief McLaughlin.

“We are so grateful for Beachwood 100 and its support,” she said. “Over the past year they graciously donated $20,000 to assist the city in updating our Police Department gym equipment, provided financial support to an officer’s family after he sadly lost his life to cancer, and continue with this amazing scholarship program. They continue to look for ways to support the Beachwood Police and Fire Departments, and we are so thankful.”

This year’s applicants and recipients were all children of Beachwood Police Department staff. They include Amanda Combs (Detective Luke Combs), Bowen Dansizen (Patrol Officer Amy Dansizen), Tommy Krakora (Sgt. James Krakora) and Ricky Lessick (Capt. Richard Lessick). Among attendees at the event were Mayor Justin Berns and City Council members Josh Mintz, Danielle Shoykhet, Eric Synenberg, and June Taylor.

Each recipient read their essay and received a $2,500 scholarship.

Jointly, recipients described their parents with these words: Hero. Inspiration. Bravery. Caring. Strong. Courageous. Character. Integrity. Service. Selfless. Determined. Smart. They all view their parents as role models and have great pride for what they do, along with fear and concern when they’re on-duty.

Beachwood 100 was established in 1969 and supports the safety forces who protect our community. Members raise money through dues and corporate sponsorships to create a contingency fund that is used to aid our city’s safety forces in times of personal emergencies, to fund scholarships for graduating seniors whose parents are members of Beachwood’s safety forces, and to purchase safety and exercise equipment for the city’s police and fire departments.

“We’re thankful to all of our sponsors, members, and city officials who support our mission.”
– Ivor Kiwi, president, Beachwood 100

The business community is invited to join Beachwood 100 at its summer kick-off networking event, Business @ the Beachwood Truck Park Expo, on Wednesday, June 21, 4-7 p.m. Details in ad. To learn more about Beachwood 100, visit