Flags for First Responders

The City of Beachwood and Beachwood 100 are partnering to support first responders and their families with a show of flags. Beachwood 100 supports the safety forces who protect our community and encourages community support during these difficult times.

The creation of a specific COVID-19 fund was presented by city councilperson June Taylor, who is familiar with human resources and how employment displacement may affect an individual and his or her family.

“No one should have to worry about paying their bills or putting food on the table,” June told us. “The City of Beachwood is a leader and is proud to initiate this program with Beachwood 100 to protect front-line employees so if they are unable to come to work, they don’t have added financial stresses to worry about.”

With your support of Flags for First Responders you will receive:

  • An American flag (12” x 18”) delivered to your door
  • A second flag to be added to a display at Beachwood City Hall to show support for Beachwood’s First Responders
    • A 1-year membership to Beachwood 100
  • A Beachwood 100 decal and 2 wallet cards

“We’re doing this to recognize the people who are out there every day providing a great service,” said Ivor Kiwi, Beachwood 100’s president.

“This also provides an opportunity for residents and businesses to help people who are helping them. To date, I am grateful to report that no staff members have tested positive.”

“Flags for First Responders is a wonderful way to show support and raise awareness of the importance of our safety forces’ service to the community,” added Mayor Martin Horwitz. “I thank councilperson June Taylor for suggesting this idea and I thank Beachwood 100 for its many years of service and support.”

Beachwood Council president James Pasch said, “Our first responders are showing up everyday to ensure our safety at a time of increased risk to themselves. Rallying around them as a community to support their efforts is the least we can do. I am incredibly grateful for all of those serving on the front lines during this crisis.”